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The Generosity Caravan - inspires Boholanos to give back

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

More than Eight Hundred (800) Boholanos, mostly youth, gathered at Bohol Cultural Center during the celebration event of The Generosity Caravan. The caravan is an initiative of BEAGIVER, a social enterprise based in Makati City that provides school bags and raincoats to impoverished school kids in the Philippines, in partnership with the Province of Bohol, Bohol Investment Promotion Center, Dalareich Chocolate House, Sangguniang Kabataan, Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation and Facade.

The initiative which is now on track to help Fifty (50) impoverished schools and communities in the Province of Bohol was conceived after a successful bag drive of Dalareich Polot in Odiong, a cacao farming community in Jagna, Bohol. Dalareich, famously known as the Chocolate Princess of Bohol, saw an opportunity to collaborate with another social entrepreneur Josh Mahinay, whose organization has been going around the Philippines giving high quality school bags and raincoats. It was relayed to Dala that many of the pupils in Odiong don’t have decent bags to use in school and so she jumped at the opportunity to provide help and at the same time inspire the farmer parents whom she had been working and helping for a long time. The picture of the happy kids has not left the memory of all those who came to serve during that day. The inspiring outcome of the community drive prompted them to ask the question, “What if there are more Odiongs. What if we can help more communities in our own province?’’ Deep in their hearts they already know the answers and they realized that something has to be done, and it has to be them to start it.

After less than two months of preparation, The Generosity Caravan was launched, and Bohol hosted the first run of the event that aims to make stops in key cities and provinces around the country to inspire and empower Filipinos, especially the youth, to be part of nation-building, to create an impact in their respective communities.

The celebration event was a resounding success. The initiative received an overwhelming support from universities and colleges in Bohol and hundreds of students were in attendance, including around 60 volunteers who formed part of the local event counterpart. With the help of the partners and sponsors, local media, business community, young entrepreneurs of Bohol and other local stakeholders who shared the same vision for youth, The Generosity Caravan – Bohol truly was the most inspiring event in Bohol to date. Storytellers, Dr. Anton Lim, President and Co-Founder of Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation, Josh Mahinay, President and CEO of BEAGIVER Ventures Inc. Joy Angeli Uy, Co-Founder of Facade and Singer/Songwriter Abby Asistio who is also an Alopecia awareness advocate delivered empowering messages that focused on The Culture of Generosity, and how each one should live a life with service to our communities at the core of it. Also highlighting the event was an exhibit of the beneficiary communities of the initiative who will not only receive school bags and raincoats from BEAGIVER but will also benefit from the projects of partnering organizations like Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation (which has already provided Two (2) boats for Mantatao Island in Calape, Bohol), Smart, Pldt, Unilab, Jollibee, Myphone and Bohol Be Grand Resort.

In Odiong, Jagna Bohol, a total of One Hundred Five (105) pupils happily received BEAGIVER school bags and raincoats through the campaign of Dalreich Polot. It was an inspiring day for kids, volunteers and the community.

The event ended on a powerful note with everyone on their feet in chorus to the solidarity song Heal the World by Michael Jackson. With Two (2) bag drives done already (In Odiong Jagna, Bohol which was done by Dalareich Polot, and in Sitio Binlod, Looc Panglao, Bohol by Joy Marie Co) and with 25 total adopted communities as of the event day, the hope is that the event can spark a much bigger movement among Boholanos to reach out to more communities in need in Bohol. Thanks to BEAGIVER for providing a platform to make this achievable, faster and easily. Anybody who wants to help can just go to and initiate a campaign for his community or a community of his choice. Another way to be part of the movement is to support any of the campaigns for communities in Bohol currently ongoing on the website.

The stop in Bohol is just the beginning of a national movement that organizers of the event aimed to create. With so many distractions surrounding us today, especially the youth, this kind of initiative is not only needed but is a must. Quoting Mr. Josh Mahinay on his talk, “Nobody is too poor to give, too busy to serve, too young to start something and too ordinary to do great things.”

More than 800 Boholanos, mostly youth, were in attendance during The Generosity Caravan - Bohol.

The Generosity Caravan – Bohol would like to thank the partners, Province of Bohol, Bohol Investment Promotion Center, Dalareich Chocolate House, Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation, Facade, Sangguniang Kabataan; Major sponsors, Smart, Pldt, Unilab, Jollibee, Myphone, Bohol Be Grand Resort; Local partners, Chowking, Nature’s Spring, Ginto Chocolates, Behold Bohol, Gerarda’s, Estrella Bakery, Bohol Bloggers Collective, Belian Hotel, The Boholana Essentials; Media partner, Events By Raphsody Concepts and Splice Productions.

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