Balicasag Island, Panglao, Bohol

Hello, Boholanos! Balicasag island as we all know is one of the most beautiful islands in Bohol. Behind its captivating scenery, however, is another picture of diligent pupils who needs a little love and compassion from all of us. Thanks to Aya for initiating a bag drive campaign for them. They’d surely be grateful to receive high-quality school bags and raincoats. Learn how to be part of this initiative here: #TheGenerosityCaravan #GenerousBohol #ForBo

Meet our Campaigners!

Ann Therese Decasa inspired us during the TGC- Bohol when she shared her thoughts and poured her heart on the importance of making a difference and creating an impact. Her campaign to support the pupils of Bonifacio Elementary School in Aloha, Batuan Bohol is a clear manifestation of her passion to help. Support her campaign here: #TheGenerosityCaravan #GenerousBohol #Batuan

Inabanga, Bohol

Hello Boholanos! During the TGC - Bohol, we invited local businesses to explore opportunities to partner with our movement and support the youth. We thank grateful for those who responded. HERBERT MALMIS GENERAL MERCHANDISE has just adopted Banahao Elementary School in Inabanga, Bohol. We thank Engr. Albert Uy, his family and his whole organization for their generosity. Here’s the link to the campaign: #TheGenerosityCaravan #GenerousBohol #Inabanga

Loboc, Bohol

Hello Boholanos! We are happy for the pupils of Quinoguitan Elementary School in Loboc, Bohol for being chosen as the beneficiary of the campaign initiated by Divine. We can already picture out their happy faces. Check out the campaign here: #TheGenerosityCaravan #GenerousBohol #Loboc

Lila, Bohol

Hello Boholanos! Let’s talk about going all-out. This other team from the group of companies under the wing of Engr. Albert Uy has also adopted one community. The pupils of Cogon Elementary School will be so excited to receive their new school bags with raincoats very soon. Thanks to the generosity of the entire organisation of BOHOL PEOPLES LUMBER CORPORATION for your generosity. Here’s a link to their campaign: #TheGenerosityCaravan #GenerousBohol #Lil

Clarin, Bohol

Hello Boholanos! Here’s BELIAN HOTEL reaching out to the pupils of Bonbon Elementary School in Clarin, Bohol. Thanks again Engr. Albert Uy, your family and the entire Belian organization for setting a good example to the business community of Bohol. See their campaign here: #TheGenerosityCaravan #GenerousBohol #Clarin

Dauis, Bohol

Hello Boholanos! While it is true that we cannot solve all the problems in our communities, it does not mean that our little acts don’t matter. Chester’s campaign for Mariveles will surely bring inspiration to the school kids, their parents and their community: #TheGenerosityCaravan #GenerousBohol #ForBoholanosByBoholanos #MarivelesDauis

Tagbilaran City, Bohol

Hello Boholanos! These kids are gems in the dumpsite. One day their lives will change and they will remember the kindness and generosity of Kuya Dexter and his friends, and that will form part of who they will become. Here is a link on a campaign initiated for them: #TheGenerosityCaravan #GenerousBohol #ForBoholanosByBoholanos #Dampas

Meet the Campaigner!

Hello Bohalanos! Who can better understand poverty but those who have gone through it. We are very inspired by the will of Apolinario to help his own community in Sevilla. Here is his campaign for Bayawahan Elementary School: #TheGenerosityCaravan #GenerousBohol #ForBoholanosByBoholanos #Sevilla

Meet our Partners!

Hello Boholanos! We thank my|phone for being our technology partner in spreading the culture of generosity! They are not on redefining technology, the redefined it to do good! #TheGenerosityCaravan #GenerousBohol #myphone

Meet the Campaigner!

Hello Boholanos! For Dexter , every single act of kindness matters in a big way. His campaign to bless 100 school children with high quality school bags and raincoats is his way of continuing the giving culture of his family. Let’s support his campaign for the school kids of Dampas District here: #TheGenerosityCaravan #GenerousBohol #ForBoholanosByBoholanos #DampaTagbilaran

What to expect?

Hello Boholanos! See you soon. Don’t forget to register online. Early birds get this cool T-Shirt for FREE. Available for the first 100 online registrants. Register here: #TheGenerosityCaravan #GenerousBohol #ForBoholanosByBoholanos

Meet our Partners!

Hello Bohalonos! This idyllic home away from home beachfront resort in Bohol sure understands the importance of supporting community initiatives. Thank you BE Grand Resort Bohol for partnering with us! #TheGenerosityCaravan #GenerousBohol #BEGrandResortBohol

Cabog, Clarin, Bohol

Hello Boholanos! Although life is hard, it can be a little better with the help we can provide for these kids whose deligence and perseverance are worthy to be rewarded. Let’s bless these pupils by supporting this campaign initiated by Ella Labunog for the pupils of Cabog. Click here: #TheGenerosityCaravan #GenerousBohol #ForBoholanosByBoholanos #CabogClarin

Sitio Binlod, Brgy. Looc, Panglao, Bohol

Hello Boholanos! Here are the pictures from today’s bag drive at our adopted community in Sitio Binlod, Brgy. Looc, Panglao Bohol. Yoj Co, her friends and her team of volunteers made more than 100 school children happy today by giving them new high quality bags and raincoats. And Yes! We are going to do this to at least 50 schools and communities in Bohol! #TheGenerosityCaravan #GenerousBohol #ForBoholanosByBoholanos #LoocPanglao

Cabangahan, San Miguel, Bohol

Hello Boholanos! What we would like to teach our children is to persevere in life for their dreams. What we wanted the adults to do is to make them feel that we are with them on their dreams. Support this campaign for Cabangahan Primary School: #TheGenerosityCaravan #GenerousBohol #ForBoholanosByBoholanos #CabangahanSanMiguel

Tultugan, Calape, Bohol

Hello Boholanos! When you have kids persistently going to school despite many challenges, you can’t help but be moved to do something. Help uplift the spirits of these children. Support this campaign for them: #TheGenerosityCaravan #GenerousBohol #ForBoholanosByBoholanos #TultuganCalape

Meet our Campaigners!

Hello Boholanos! Always listen to the voice inside you and follow what good it tells you to do. That small, still voice has the power to breath hope to the hopeless people around you. June Reign is exactly doing just that, following her passion to touch the lives of kids in need from Cabangahan Primary School. Show your support to her cause, click here: #TheGenerosityCaravan #GenerousBohol #ForBoholanosByBoholanos #CabangahanSanMiguel

Meet our Partners!

Hello Boholanos! On Sept. 15, 2018, at The Generosity Caravan - Bohol, we will water up our mission to help at least 50 impoverished schools and communities in Bohol. Many are thirsty for help. Let us fill their vessel with our generosity! #TheGenerosityCaravan #GenerousBohol #NaturesSpring

Meet our Campaigners!

Hello Boholanos! Ang mga kabataan tulad ni Christine ang mag-aangat ng ating lipunan, mga kabataang may pagmamahal at malasakit sa kapwa, lalo na sa mga mahihirap. Suportahan ang kanyang kampanya para sa mga batang mag-aaral sa Tultugan Elementary School. I- click dito: #TheGenerosityCaravan #GenerousBohol #ForBoholanosByBoholanos #TultubanCalape