For Five (5) years since its founding, BEAGIVER has been leading in community engagements
across the country as a social enterprise. With over Fifty Thousand (50,000) school children
beneficiaries in more than One Hundred (100) school and communities all over the Philippines,
we continue to plant the seed of kindness and spread the culture of generosity wherever we go.
We believe that in order to progress as a community, we need to look after the welfare of those
who have less in life.

Generosity Caravan is a new initiative which we just launched this year. It is a roadshow which
will make stops in different key cities in the Philippines which aims to inspire, engage and
cause the host city to act and be part in nation-building and deliver help to the communities
we identified in their own locality as beneficiaries of our project. This event will feature change
makers who have been leading in the field of social entrepreneurship and community
development who will deliver powerful and inspiring talks and share their successful and
meaningful undertakings as great examples of model initiatives that others can follow.
This is a FREE and open event and expected attendees are students, young professionals,
NGOs, businessmen and other local stakeholders.

Leading to the culmination event, our pool of volunteers will be doing pocket sessions to cast
the mission of the movement and encourage participation and volunteerism for the existing
initiatives we have. At the end of every stop, the end goal is to deliver help to the Fifty (50)
communities that we adopted as beneficiaries ofBEAGIVER Dreams Project.

With the challenges we face everyday as a nation, especially on poverty, we want to send a
strong message to every Filipino that growing as a nation is a collective responsibility, that we
must be able to spot problems around us and jump at every opportunity to be part of the

Through this caravan, we hope to become that spark that lights someone’s desire, or the flame
that makes everyone burn in passion to create the change our society needs.